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Rough, Isolated, Focused, Tough...

Welcome to the dojo floor of Toho Blade & Bushido, where the training space is as raw as it gets. Let's not sugarcoat it—Sensei Smith's own basement is our training ground, and it's a work in progress. However, in this minimal space, we focus on authentic technique passed down through centuries of experience and study. Unearth your inner warrior, become anti-fragile, and cultivate quiet confidence and disciplined power you can use in all areas of your life.

Training Sessions By Appointment Only

Monday: 7 - 8PM

Wednesday: 7 - 8PM
Saturday: 11AM - 12PM  |  1 - 2PM  |  2:30 - 3:30PM

katana and wakizashi on dojo floor

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169 Diamond Ridge Avenue, Canton, GA


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