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Small class sizes of 1 - 3 students per session.

Authentic and immersive learning experience.

The philosophies of Bushido are woven into each course.

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Free Introduction

Come and see if Toho Blade & Bushido is right for you!


Join us for a complimentary introductory lesson and immerse yourself in the world of traditional training. Discover the rich history and philosophy behind this ancient Japanese martial art.


No prior experience, equipment or commitment is required.

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Suburi Trial Course

Experience the transformative power of our 12-lesson Suburi course in Kenjutsu. Master the fundamental sword movements, known as Suburi, mandatory conditioning for iaijutsu & kenjutsu. Refine your technique, strengthen your body and mind, and embrace the spirit of the samurai.

No prior experience necessary. Bokuto and sword obi are required. No uniform is required for this course.

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Experience the art and philosophy of the samurai sword with Toho Blade & Bushido's flagship program. Deepen your knowledge and refine your skills through formal, traditional, Asia-recognized training methods.


Under the guidance of Sensei Robert Smith, delve into the intricate techniques of Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu, cultivating precision, focus, and mental clarity. Train through forms, paired drills, and guided sparring exercises, applying your skills in practical scenarios. Embrace the timeless principles of respect, discipline, and self-improvement inherent in samurai traditions. Progress through ranks as you reach new levels of mental awareness and physical coordination. 


Join the Juko Kai international community of dedicated students as we preserve these ancient martial arts.

Practice Sword, Sword Obi, Gi and Hakama are required.

*Completion of the Suburi Trial Course is a prerequisite for participation.


Your First Lesson

Contact us, today, to set up an appointment.

169 Diamond Ridge Avenue, Canton, GA
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